Get a Full Year of School Library Curriculum for $185

Need elementary library lesson plans?

The Librarians Teach Curriculum Pro Annual Subscription is $185 and comes with $200 of Curriculum Store Credit.

By strategically using your Curriculum Store Credit, you can build your school library curriculum for a whole school year. Check out the video below to see how.

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These Google Slides show one way that you could use your Librarians Teach Curriculum Subscription to teach for one school year in a PreK through 5th grade library. You can edit the spreadsheet to add lessons that you already have planned, or for special occasions, like Hour of Code or book fairs.

If you don’t have enough credits to purchase all of the items listed in these lesson plans, we suggest that you combine two or three grade levels for your first year with us. In fact, we have a Year 1 Curriculum Bundle that outlines how to make your $200 store credit stretch during your first year of the Curriculum Subscription.

We are constantly adding new lesson plans and additional librarian authors to the Librarians Teach marketplace. You are welcome to choose a different lesson than the ones we have in these lesson plan pages or in the Year 1 Curriculum Bundle. You know your students and what they need!

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us using the form below! We’re here to help!

How the Library Curriculum Subscription Works

Once you purchase your school library curriculum subscription here, you will have Curriculum Store Credits in your Librarians Teach account. You can spend those credits however you’d like in our Curriculum Shop here. You can shop with confidence, knowing that all of our library lessons are engaging for your students AND based on state and national standards. We offer the suggested yearly plan above, but you are free to select any library lessons that you choose, in any order.

We believe that we can help you save the time you used to spend planning and creating lesson plans, so that you can spend more time creating balance in your life and connecting with your students. Life as a school librarian doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Let us help you make this school year the best ever!

Our Brand Partners

Librarians Teach is an authorized reseller for these brand partners. We partner with librarian entrepreneurs and curriculum authors who list their products in our Curriculum Shop marketplace. We plan to selectively expand our brand partnerships in the coming months to other library curriculum authors who are committed to student engagement and standards-based library lessons.

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