The Librarians Teach Curriculum Shop offers high-quality curriculum products expressly for teacher-librarians and school library media specialists. We offer 2 options to meet the needs of individual teacher-librarians and schools.

Curriculum Pro Subscription includes:

$200 store credit each year to download your choice of curriculum products
Curriculum products can be downloaded at any time.
Option to use store credit to get exclusive, done-for-you Year-long Library Lesson Plans Bundle for elementary librarians (K-5)

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Purchase orders are accepted for Curriculum Pro Annual Subscriptions. Learn more about district purchasing.

Curriculum Pro Subscription

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$185 per year

No minimum order amount.

Subscription renews automatically at the same price until cancelled.

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All Products in the Curriculum Shop include:

FREE previews so you’ll never use your credit to get an unnecessary product by mistake
Grade levels recommended
Time needed, or number of class periods based on a 30-40 minute “fixed schedule” class that includes book exchange time.
Many products are EDITABLE, and will be noted if they are not.
Instructional products include complete lesson plans.
AASL National School Library Standards for Learners (2018) and National Common Core Standards

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